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Copper flashing is a very important component of the materials that go onto your roof to prevent damage and moisture penetration. The purpose of the different types of flashing is to weatherproof all the places where moisture can penetrate including pipe vents, eaves and the chimney. Counter flashing is installed on brickwork, an example includes the chimney, step flashing goes on walls and gutter apron flashing along the gutter line. Our flashing is always made from copper sheets, which are cut to size. We have hundreds of copper flashing Chicago works behind us, that’s why we are a leading company in copper improvements across Illinois and North Indiana.

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About Copper Flashing Chicago

Flashing is a sheet metal which is fastened to your roof underneath the shingles. Its purpose is to protect your home from water penetration. Copper is used for flashing because it is durable and long lasting. Copper flashing will last longer than shingles and with the right care can last for 50 years. Flashing is commonly made from aluminum, lead, galvanized metal or stainless steel. These are all stiff and not easy to manipulate and install, which can leads to leaks. Copper flashing is more malleable and consequently easier to install. The copper flashing can be coated with lead which results in a more watertight seal.

Chimney Copper Flashing Chicago

Chimney copper flashing is the element found where the chimney joins the roof, it protects your chimney from water penetration, by forming an airtight seal. It can last up to 50 years depending on where you live, the shape and size of your chimney and what material it is. If your chimney is wider than 30”, saddle flashing needs to be installed. This makes a peak so that water and snow can run down it away from the chimney. Your chimney needs to have the appropriate flashing materials to keep your home damage free.

Copper Flashing: The Advantages

Salt-Water Resistance

If you live in a coastal area, the humidity and salty air would rapidly cause corrosion of aluminum or galvanized steel flashing. Copper flashing however is not affected by the humidity or salt water.

UV Light Resistance

If your chimney is being repaired or replaced, copper has many benefits. One of them being its resistance to UV light. This means that the copper flashing Chicago produced, isn’t damaged by direct sunlight.

Temperature Resistance

Copper flashing Chicago isn’t affected by the temperature and can be installed in any weather. It is compatible with many glues, sealants and caulking materials, so it can be used with many other materials.