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Modern rain gutters have evolved from the brittle, plastic gutters of the past, to strong, attractive, metal gutters of the future. We are the leading providers of copper gutters Chicago based. We are also certified copper gutters guards and covers suppliers and installers. Contact us for more information about these stunning, superior gutters; they are strong, durable and can last a lifetime.
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Copper Gutters Explained

The installation of copper gutters has to be performed professionally, by specialized copper gutters Chicago contractors, for you to get the full benefit of all the advantages copper gutters bring.
Copper gutters and copper downspouts are resistant to rust and corrosion. They naturally develop a blue-green patina over time, but this can easily be removed and their original color restored.
Gutter joints need to be sealed with specific sealants that need to be renewed over time. Copper gutter joints are soldered tightly together, so you never need to reseal them.
Having copper gutters Chicago and downspouts transforms your property. The quality and craftsmanship stands out and draws attention to the stunning copper gutters, showing off their supports and their unique patina.

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Copper Gutters Chicago

Why Does Your Copper
Gutters Patina?

Your copper gutter system will change color as it reacts with different substances, like: carbon dioxide, oxygen, water and different pollutants, which are all found in the air around us. When the copper is exposed to oxygen and water, it reacts and forms a black layer. If the copper reacts with carbon dioxide in the air, it forms a green patina. Copper gutters near Chicago can react to pollutants and acid rain, which will again form a green patina. These extra layers can be easily removed from the copper surface, but they protect it against further reaction, stopping tarnishing, rusting and corrosion.




Copper gutters near Chicago patina develops over time, adding a unique appeal that sets homes apart with an elegant, antique look.


Copper, used in home construction is versatile, able to be bent, cut, stamped, and shaded in various colors.

Style Options

Copper gutters Chicago made offer various style options, enabling customization to achieve the desired look and feel.


Copper gutters, when maintained, can outlast homeowners and their children, a longevity unmatched by other materials.

Copper Gutters Chicago

Removing Oxidation on Copper Gutters - Copper Gutters Restoration

Over time a black or brown layer builds up on the surface of copper gutters. This is copper oxide which is formed as the copper reacts with oxygen and water. If left, over time, the copper oxide layer will change to a light green color, known as patina. This results from several different reactions between the copper and gases within the atmosphere. Many people prefer the look of the patina. If however, you prefer the original color of copper, then it is quite simple to clean the layer from the surface of the copper and it will appear as new. If you want to make your patina copper gutters near Chicago stylish and shiny again – call professionals, call Optimal Copper!

Copper Gutters Chicago

Copper Gutter Guards Chicago

All gutters, no matter their shape or material, suffer from the same problems when it comes to being clogged with seasonal debris, buds in the spring and leaves in the autumn. In order to prevent serious problems from occurring, it is essential to either prevent debris from entering your gutters, or to regularly have your gutters cleaned, or clean them yourself.

It is well worth investing in a copper screen Chicago produced. Traditionally only copper covers Chicago produced have been available. Over the past decade major breakthroughs have been made in copper screen and copper gutter guards Chicago development. Invest in state of the art copper gutter guards Chicago designed. They’ll save you time, effort and money and will increase the curb appeal of your home.