Every fall the trees around your home will shed their leaves and some leaves will inevitably find their way into your home’s rain gutters. When winter arrives with the inevitable heavy rain, snow and ice. Clogged gutters and rain are a recipe for disaster. You may find that it results in leaks in your roof and water pooling around your foundation which can affect the structural integrity of your house!

The Damage Ice Can Do To Your Copper Gutters

Winter is on its way with all the ice, snow, and freezing temperature it brings. It’s time to prepare your copper gutter system to be able to handle the harsh weather. Ice can heavily impact your gutter system in many ways. But don’t panic, there are steps that you can take to make sure your...

Copper As a Roofing Material

When you replace or install new guttering, there are multiple materials to choose from. Copper gutters have been used for decades because of the material’s unmatched durability and the high class, sophisticated aesthetic it brings to a property. Copper Gutters are Long Lasting One of the most advantageous things about copper gutters Chicago produced is...

Copper Gutters Chicago Guide by Optimal

Custom made copper gutters are becoming exceedingly popular, both for their physical benefits as an excellent gutter material, and for their attractive, stylish appearance. Seamless copper gutters, adorning your roof will definitely make a statement, with the sun highlighting their metallic sheen, they will really stand out. This blog post will delve deep into the...

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