How Winter Affects Your Gutter System: Copper Gutters And The Others

During the winter, your home protects you from the cold by keeping out ice, snow, and frigid temperatures. However, this same home can become damaged if you don’t care for it properly. Make sure your home is protected against water damage and freezing temperatures by taking good care of your gutters.

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Every fall the trees around your home will shed their leaves and some leaves will inevitably find their way into your home’s rain gutters. When winter arrives with the inevitable heavy rain, snow and ice. Clogged gutters and rain are a recipe for disaster. You may find that it results in leaks in your roof and water pooling around your foundation which can affect the structural integrity of your house!

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The Damage Ice Can Do To Your Copper Gutters

Winter is on its way with all the ice, snow, and freezing temperature it brings. It’s time to prepare your copper gutter system to be able to handle the harsh weather. Ice can heavily impact…

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