Copper Gutters Chicago Guide by Optimal

Custom made copper gutters are becoming exceedingly popular, both for their physical benefits as an excellent gutter material, and for their attractive, stylish appearance. Seamless copper gutters, adorning your roof will definitely make a statement, with the sun highlighting their metallic sheen, they will really stand out.

Upgrading your gutter system to copper gutters will significantly increase the curb appeal of your property and will increase the value of your home. Copper as a gutter material is unrivaled in durability and long life. It is easily shaped, weather resistant and will not rust. Its stunning appearance will make your home stand out from all the rest.

Although copper metal itself has so many valuable properties, as a gutter material, it is its bright, characteristic, unique color that really makes copper gutters so distinctive. Over time the distinct color will begin to change. Copper reacts with different chemicals in the atmosphere and oxidizes, resulting in a coating forming on its surface. The copper color changes to a darker bronze and then finally a green color. This green color, or patina, as it is known, varies in tone and pattern. Over time your copper gutters will age and develop their own unique patina on their surface and bring a unique elegant style to your home. 

Practically, copper is a durable, strong, malleable and an extremely long lasting material. Copper gutters can last up to a 100 years with minimal maintenance. They are completely environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Added to that is their incredible beauty and the stylish impact they will make on the appearance of your home, what else do you need?