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Optimal is the leading provider of professional copper awnings Chicago services. Our expert contractors are specialized in flat seam copper awnings installation of our various copper products. We also custom make stunning copper accents to transform your home and business, including: custom copper window awnings, custom copper door awnings and copper canopies Chicago made. Our products are extremely durable and weather resistant. Our products compliment both traditional and period houses as well as contemporary modern buildings. Canvas and acrylic canopies are less expensive, but fade and tear easily, and need to be replaced frequently. Our awnings and canopies are built to last a lifetime!

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Copper Awnings: Beautiful Home Protection

Beautiful, robust, and made to last. Copper awnings
Chicago are an attractive addition to any home or business. Here are some of the primary benefits of these stylish additions.


Rain is a blessing, yet it may also destroy things. Rain should not be left on windows and doors for lengthy periods of time since it will harm them. Wood and water don’t get along well when it comes to how long they last. Thus, copper window awnings Chicago and copper door awnings Chicago are a wise choice to protect them.


The quality of windows and doors may also be harmed by sunshine. Houses are generally made of iron, and paint prevents rust and corrosion. A framework is vulnerable to harm when exposed to excessive sunshine, which degrades the painted surface. To protect your homes from harmful UV rays, copper awnings Chicago are suggested.


We all want the greatest houses, therefore we decorate them to stand out. Copper awnings over door Chicago make lovely decorations. Copper is pliable and may be shaped to decorate your home’s façade. Copper awnings adds beauty to your home. They may have different shapes; from straight, umbrella-shaped, to anything you’ll wish for.

Custom Copper Awnings Chicago

If you are searching for an eye-catching, unique accessory to add to your windows and doors, Look no further. We provide stunning metal copper window awnings Chicago hand crafted and copper canopies which will totally transform your house. Classic unique copper accents to give your windows and doors that wow factor! We specialize in the creation of handmade copper metal products, including: awnings, gutters, cupolas and chimney caps. Each custom copper awning we make is created by using traditional craftsmanship, combined with modern building techniques. Which together results in: stunning, durable, copper products which will make your exterior look fantastic.

Copper Sheets Work Explained

Copper metal is very versatile; it has been used as a exterior material since Roman times. Its many desirable properties of being: strong, water resistant, malleable, durable and long lasting, make it an ideal candidate for a superior material. The metal itself is very attractive. Copper naturally reacts with different substances in the atmosphere and will, if it is untreated, get a green patina over its surface, this is also known as antique copper or verdigris. Many people find copper patinas very attractive and prefer them to the natural copper color, over time the patina will cover the copper with different patterns. This layer can easily be removed, if it is unwanted, and the copper will return to its original vibrant colour. Copper sheets show much versatility, the malleable metal can be easily shaped by experienced copper installers, into copper shingles, facade panels and copper cassette panels.

What Are The Costs
of A Copper Awnings in Chicago?

There is no set cost for a copper awning, the cost depends upon the style and size of the space. In addition to this, there are other variables that are involved when pricing up a copper awning, including your location. Copper contractors in Chicago are well-trained and have unique skills, but they are not everywhere. If you live in an area where the local specialists don’t have copper works experience, then you will have to hire a specialized copper works contractor, which will cost more money.

The costs of the materials themselves also vary, depending upon market conditions and if copper is available. Copper is a highly sought after material and its cost fluctuates according to the world market. A copper awning system involves: flashings, underlay, gutters, downpipes and fasteners. All of these have to be available and work together to produce a quality copper awning Chicago system.