How to Find the Perfect Copper Awning for Your Home or Business

You’ve made the decision to install copper awnings on your home or on your business property. You’ve come to the conclusion that copper is the best material for the job due to its excellent properties of being extremely durable, weatherproof, and long-lasting and its great aesthetic properties. Which means that it will look fantastic for many decades to come. So, the question now is, how do you find the right awning for your property? An awning that meets all of your functional requirements and will also be beautiful to look at!

What comes next in the article?

The first place that you can start is our gallery of copper awnings, you will find on our website a wide variety of types of awnings, from previous client orders. Using our gallery you will be able to see different styles and sizes of copper awnings. It will give you an idea of what you like, style-wise, and what you don’t.

Getting Inspiration From Our Product Catalog

We have a product catalog that contains several different styles of copper awnings that can be used for your business or home. There are a vast variety of sizes, styles and also prices to suit all budgets. Many of our customers have found the style of copper awning that they want in the product catalog.

Working with Our Coppersmiths for a Custom Copper Awning

We have customers that see awning styles in our catalog or in the gallery but want to add a little extra and put their own personal style to the piece. This is not a problem as we can custom-make any style and design that you see. If you see a property with the style you like, or online or even in a magazine. Just bring us the description and our talented expert coppersmiths can make a design. For a really unique design, you may want to work with our coppersmiths and design your own unique awning design.

Optimal Copper is the best company if you want a custom copper awning. Our coppersmiths are experienced and skilled, we have been serving our customers for many years with quality unique stunning copper awnings and copper products. Our copper smiths and specialized fabricators are available and ready to help you with creating any design you want and to take your design and turn it into a fantastic, quality awning.

What Should you Consider When Selecting a Custom Copper Awning?

There are different factors that need to be considered when you are designing a unique awning for your home. Whether you are selecting the design from a product catalog, or you are making a unique design with our designers. Consider these questions:

1. Can awnings be functional and stylish?

The very shape of awnings means that they are highly functional, by adding copper into the mix, means that you get an aesthetically stunning result. Whilst some customers purchase copper awnings for their durability and extremely long life. There are some people that have copper awnings as their choice simply for their beauty and in particular for the beautiful patina that develops over time.

At Optimal Copper, we know that function is an essential property of any product, if your product is not functional then what is its purpose? At the same time we understand that the aesthetic of a piece is also very important. Therefore we make sure that our custom designs fulfill both roles of functionality and beautiful design.

2. Is bigger better?

The size of a copper awning is very important in how it functions, too small awnings can’t function properly and are not very attractive to look at. You also need to consider how the copper awning looks close up and further away, the majority of people that will be seeing your copper awnings will be driving or walking past your property, rather than at the front door. Many of our clients choose large and oversized copper awnings for their properties. Especially business and building owners. If you’re not sure of the size of copper awning that you require for your home or business, we have the solution. Our design team is happy to create mockups so that you can visualize how each size actually looks in real life.

3. Do additional building accents complete the look?

Many of our customers don’t stop at just copper awnings, they find that the addition of  more copper elements finishes the aesthetic nicely. Additional copper accents just seem to give it that extra glamor. We provide other beautiful, quality copper roofing  products including: copper louvers, chimney caps, cupolas, roof and dryer vents, leader heads and conductor heads, and gutters.